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Realtime - keep an eye on your visitors and customers in the real time

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Customers support

Customers support - easy as chat on facebook

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Analytics - have an insight of what customers are doing and buying

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  • Realtime

    Realtime - keep an eye on your visitors and customers in the real time. See the amounts of visitors which are currently browsing your shop. You will have a clear view of customer details: visitors location, used software, viewed pages, products, chats, baskets and even purchases!

  • Customers support

    Have a realtime chat within your customers. Support is easy as chating on facebook. A clear insight of the customer's perspective - current page, current product, pages and products in which he or she is interested in. Previous chats and even products which customer has bought.

  • Analytics

    An insight of what customers are doing on your shop and what they are buying. The amounts of visits, the amount of views, the amount which they already spent on your shop!

Packed Full of Powerful Features

obodi provides realtime extended analytics capabilities and customers support, which allows better to identify real customers!

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Websites which has less than 100 users online in a second - $ 8.45

Highly developed shops with high loads will require private app. Custom pricing will be applied depending on website loads. Please contact us to get more details.

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Other systems

You would like to use obodi witin other type of e-commerce system?

No problems ! Just contact us @ or give us a online chat and we are sure we will find a way to do it ;)